Welcome to the Law of Attraction. 

Many of you may have been hearing alot about the LOA or the "Secret" What the Bleep and many more. Why and how to manifest what you want.  Better job, better relationship and so on. Firstly, I want to say that as the Law of Attraction says you get what you think, focus about and from that is where we start here on this page.


I am not going to write too much, what I will do here is share what we apply from videos and books. Workshops and seminars. Here you will find accurate clarification of the basics of the Law of Attraction and practical applications as well as up-to-the-moment leading-edge expanding information regarding the Law of Attraction.  Below is one of the first books that I read about the Law of attraction by A Hicks 

More Resources 

Other Abraham books: Money and the Law of Attraction The Law of Attraction — The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham The Astonishing Power of Emotions The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent Ask and It Is Given. Sara 1: "The Foreverness of Friends of a Feather" Sara 2: "Solomon's Fine Featherless Friends" Sara 3: "A Talking Owl Is Worth A Thousand Words"

AS Abraham says 

What Do I Want, and Why Do I Want It…?       When you acknowledge what you do not want, and then ask yourself, “What is it that I do want?” you begin a gradual shift into the telling of your new story and into a much-improved point of attraction.       

You get the essence of what you think about—whether you want it or not—because Law of Attraction is unerringly consistent—therefore, you are never only telling the story of “how it is now.” You are also telling the future experience that you are creating right now. Excerpted from Money and the Law of Attraction — 3/31/09 I’m a Vibrational Being in a Vibrational Universe…      

You live in a pulsating, vibrating Universe of advanced harmonics. Everything that exists, in your air, in your dirt, in your water, and in your bodies, is vibration in motion—and all of it is managed by the powerful Law of Attraction.There is nothing that exists outside of this vibrational nature, and as you learn to accept your vibrational nature, and begin to consciously utilize your emotional vibrational indicators, you will gain conscious control of your personal creations and of the outcomes of your life experience. Excerpted from Money and the Law of Attraction — 3/31/09 The Law of Attraction Adds Power to Both Problems and Solutions…      

The realization that something is not as you want it to be is an important first step, but once you have identified that, the faster you are able to turn your attention in the direction of a solution, the better, because a continuing exploration of the problem will prevent you from finding the solution. The problem is a different vibrational frequency than the solution—and all thoughts (or vibrations) are affected by (or managed by) the Law of Attraction.  Excerpted from Money and the Law of Attraction — 3/31/09