Lady G Talks - Authentic, mesmerising. You will be in tears as truly felt stories of a shy womans life that changed in times of troubles. She thought she knew it all! 

Audiences love her, everyone wants to know how?  Listen to her story,  a mum, had diversity, abusive and controlling relationships, her challenges  and as a black woman found methods, tools to overcome and have the ability to deal with them. Glenda, Lady G  a powerful,  personal and spiritual journey and her reason she says she is alive today to live and not give up on life which is to be lived. 

Lady G delivers a   deep message for connection, love, happiness and the 'spiritual essence' Lady G says  is in each of us. For some of you, just dont kow it yet!' 

"When I am speaking I am buzzing."  Lady G says. "  I do not know most of the time what comes out of my mouth the spirits do!"  I love inspiring and motivating people, its what I now know I came here to do!"  

I believe that we all have a voice and we all have gifts.  We all can inspire, we can all motivate in some form or another. 

52 years old and loving life.  Lady G says "I love people and I love speaking, I always have.  I love asking questions." 

I can talk about how I came out of abusive, toxic relationships, grief and overcoming pain when someone very close to you passes away.

Speaking as a woman, as a mother she has had to let go of many areas in her life and that is challenging and she  can resonate with the audience. What is special is Lady G's authenticity in her hats and heels a true, genuine woman. you will love her. 

Lady G is available for your speaking events, women events, social events, schools, businesses and clubs  here in the UK and abroad and is happy to talk around any subject that you like.  She has experienced much and speaks with honesty and is authentic in inspiring your audience.

Talks can be tailored to your audience and to your specific requirements.

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Listen to her inspire you and your audience!

Below: Lady G (Glenda Andrew) speaking in 2015  Interesting topics -  Business, diversity, relationships, beliefs, wellbeing and so so much more 

Lady G Talks. . . Some of her topics requested!

  • Personal and Spiritual Growth - You  can do it!
  • 11 Secrets to your Intuition
  • The Law of Attraction
  • The secret is in You
  • Change your life Change your mind
  • A Womans Journey - You can get out! 
  • Its a Family affair Diversity   
  • We are more than this body! 

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