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Our message "You are not alone and you are more than this body. You are a spiritual human being creating and living your life the best you can." 

 So why does my life sometimes not feel good? 

We all have questions and seek answers!

How is  things, does it seem to be going nowhere and you feel your all alone? FED UP! 

How would you like to  know you are not alone and you can change your life and feel much better?

Lady G Life Enterprises  is a very new concept that shows you. Empowers, inspires and helps people to feel good and live their life  with  easy tools, methods and a group networks  that impact them personally and spiritually.

Would you like to change you Life and be the best version of you? Find out who you are? . . . 

Call me, Glenda Andrew on:



Did you know that the most common reason for bad choices is   "We do not listen to our  gut, the little voice. Yes our intuition?"

Do you know that research shows listening to your GUT , your INTUITION can improve your decision making and change your life?

Like to know more and tune into who you are and why you do things?


Lady G Life "connects, inspires,  empowers & leads you to a greater living”  

 In memory of my dad, Oswald Andrew RIP 1938 - 2014

"Be who YOU are, a significance of LIFE, because who WE are is OUR journey!" Lady G